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My clever and creative friend Simone Loxton did a profile on me. I live this kind of interview – interesting questions make for fun reading.

Simone was my neighbour when we did the book, and she’s in it herself. The beaut! See the link to the interview here

An extract or two:

This book resonates a time that was so intense (last year of university, people, plans) – and I’m definitely sure I’m not alone in saying that. Its creation happened in 2012 and included a wide range of people I kn0w, from designers (class project) to photographers and neighbours. We all came together to support someone who had an opportunity and we were delighted to be a part of it, no matter how small was the role that we played.

Carina Truyts was my neighbour at the time this was going down and the people who were a part of the creative process were in my year (JMS IV). The food was cooked in friends’ houses to ensure variety and we all ate Carina’s delicious creations with pleasure as someone snapped pics around us…

2) Tell us: most frustrating recipe to get right & the one so easy, you forgot it was even featured.
Tricksy. Probably Sunshine Pasta was the easiest. That’s because I used to make it when I was in res, (I got to the point when I couldn’t bear res food every day). So if I could make the whole thing in a sardine-sized res room and a corridor microwave, then you know it’s really easy. 

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