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Perdeby “What would you cook for us?”

Hi Perdeby readers

A rumour on Twitter has it that you’ll be looking on here in order to decide what delicious studentish YUM-MO meals you would make.

However, there is a twist in the tail : The recipes are in the book, not on here! I created a recipe tab online so that we can put up new recipes, and your adaptations and ideas.

I do think it’s a totally nice plan by Perdeby. So in that spirit, here are some pictures from the index, showing you a whole bunch of options you can make.

mak photo 1

Also, since the professional photos from the launch came in today, I’m adding some of those to the mix: It was a beautiful crispy clear fun Yum-mo day at UP.



photo 3





photo 4



photo 2

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  1. Cecilia says:

    Just wanna say I bought your book and it is wonderful, I am not one of the lucky mothers that her children good go and study further, but this book is grate in our home from my 21 year old son to my 13 year old daughter are making delicious meals with the help of Yum-mo. Every one get a turn to do there meals and every night it is a bliss full one with no hassles…Thank you we are waiting for the next one

    1. Carina Truyts says:

      I am so pleased Cecilia, thanks for sharing your experiences.

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