Carina Truyts


“It really is idiot-proof”

A flavourful review by Lynn Lister of The Mercury, who writes:

“I’ve kind of given up as far as cooking goes… Last year I would have said I could boil an egg, but after watching a MasterChef Australia 2012 episode in which the two judges had different ways of doing this most simple of tasks, I realise I haven’t even got that right.

So, much of my disposable income goes to the local restaurants of Durban

Yum-mo might just change some of that. This fun, fresh look at cooking will inspire even the most jaded among us, although it is geared towards the beginner and students.

It gives the most simple of instructions and, with great photographs, will have you cooking quick, healthy meals in no time. And it really is idiot-proof. You will discover the most basic of basics – how to turn on a stove, literally, to how to use the grill, and how to chop butternut, ginger, chillies and other veggies”.

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