Carina Truyts



  • Forgiving ‘Chef’: A food-story rant

    ┬áChef is an awful film, overall. The script is as flaccid and soppy as the chef is critiqued to be before he blows up at a smirking food critic. The acting is below average and the casting patchy. ┬áStale stereotypes of restaurant kitchens and chef-banter abound. A foot-long french loaf is still shown to be […]

  • A welcome shriek

    Welcome to my website! The place to find and share recipes, stories, lovely links, photos and videos. It’s lovely to have you here. Some web-related thanks are in order before we commence with the future posts (that will tell the Yum-mo story and share recipes in good time). Thank you! Imar Krige of Solid Stuff […]