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A welcome shriek

Welcome to my website! The place to find and share recipes, stories, lovely links, photos and videos. It’s lovely to have you here.

Some web-related thanks are in order before we commence with the future posts (that will tell the Yum-mo story and share recipes in good time).

Thank you!

Imar Krige of Solid Stuff who so very generously designed this clever cool website for me.

Eben Pienaar and Surita Joubert who have been hustling to get this book in front you, as well as setting the exciting project with TUKS (see below)  in motion.

The TUKS university Honours Marketing class and their lecturers, who, quite amazingly are tackling the marketing of this book as their industry assignment this semester. How incredible is that and how lucky am I? (The answers to those are Very and Very).

Alma and Miriam. My current Cape Town housemates, who make tea more often than is needed and and whom I know are about to deal very patiently and lovingly with the boxes of books that are soon to populate this flat (I am going to try keep them under my bed, I promise); as well as the new New media craze this publication is fostering which means that phones and Ipads feature more often at meals than they used to.

My mom and dad (Esther en Alain) who ordered 10 books already and are in the process, I am quite sure, of making Yum-mo ownership a compulsory fixture in the life of anyone related to me.

Right, niceties out of the way. Let’s dig into Yum-mo. Let me give you an idea of my excitement and delight that this project is finally coming together by showing you this slightly embarrassing, low-quality video.  I treasure it because I know it captures a particular pinnacle of happiness that can never surface again.  There is only one homecoming of a first book.

I always imagined that when I first held Yum-mo I’d lift it up in my hands (a bit like Julia Child in that movie Julie and Julia) and that celestial music would play in the background, perhaps while soft light played on the cover.

It turned out that showing it to my sister was so exciting that it made my sneakers squeak and my voice shriek.

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  1. Imar says:

    Glad to finally see the site live! May it generate much interest and interaction for Yum-mo. And of course sell a few books :)

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